My Healthcare, My Future

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First of its Kind Study from MSD and Ipsos MRBI Reveals Irish Public’s Aspirations of the Future of Healthcare in Ireland.

Healthcare standards impact all of us and are consistently at the top of the social and political agenda. However, too often the voice of the patient can be lost or marginalised in the debate.

With this in mind, MSD Ireland commissioned My Healthcare, My Future to place the patient central to the discussion. The objective was to create a platform for industry, government, the health sector and all interested parties to have an open debate, focusing on the opportunities available to provide a healthcare system that works better for all.

This report is the first of its kind in Ireland examining the public’s expectations, hopes and needs in relation to healthcare. It is also unique in that it focuses on future possibilities and opportunities. This analysis spans all elements of the healthcare system including future expectations of healthcare providers and services as well as the opportunities provided by community-based care. With technology advancing rapidly, it is important to also understand how open the public will be to technological transformations, from centralising patient information to navigating multiple channels for faster healthcare delivery.

Having an in-depth understanding of the public’s expectations of the Irish healthcare service will democratise quality healthcare and help us, both industry and government but also the wider healthcare continuum, to devise solutions that are relevant to patients and those most in need.

We hope that the findings will contribute to an inclusive debate on the future of healthcare in Ireland.



To view the report ‘My Healthcare, My Future: Public Perspectives on the Future of Healthcare in Ireland,’ please click here.