MSD Ireland: Committed to Making a Difference

MSD Ireland: Committed to Making a Difference

At MSD Ireland we firmly believe that the most important thing we make is a difference – to patients, to our employees, to our communities and to the Irish healthcare landscape generally.

MSD Ireland is 100% committed to putting the patient at the heart of everything we do.  And we substantiate this in a number of different ways.

Ethics, Transparency & Partnership:

MSD Ireland are fully committed to acting ethically in all that we do, in being transparent in all of our interactions and in partnering with Government and the HSE to ensure timely access for patients to new medicines and treatments.

Ethical behaviour is the duty of every employee in MSD Ireland.  We work with and adhere to the code of practice and regulatory requirements of several regulatory associations including the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries (EFPIA) as well as the HPRA, the HSA and the Environmental Protection Agency.

MSD Ireland fully participates in and supports the ‘IPHA Disclosure Code’, which details how the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland engages with and supports healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs) to provide better patient care.  This initiative is consistent with our approach in MSD to providing greater transparency around our company interactions with key stakeholders and we have been actively engaged in this process across all the European markets we operate in. 

In addition, MSD Ireland, is committed to partnering with Government and the HSE to ensure patients have timely access to new medicines.  MSD Ireland, as a member of IPHA, signed the Framework Agreement on the Supply and Pricing of Medicines in July 2016 which:

  • Sets medicine prices at a maximum of the average of 14 European countries.
  • Provides savings of €785m over four years.  

The agreement had two aims: To save the health service money and; to make new medicines available to patients in a timely way.   
While there have been well publicised instances of time delays in reimbursement approval for new medicines, we are hopeful this process will be improved to ensure the aims of the agreement are delivered on fully.