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About MSD

We aspire to be the premier research-intensive biopharmaceutical company

Our purpose: We use the power of leading-edge science to save and improve lives around the world

For more than 130 years, we have brought hope to humanity through the development of important medicines and vaccines. We aspire to be the premier research-intensive biopharmaceutical company in the world – and today, we are at the forefront of research to deliver innovative health solutions that advance the prevention and treatment of diseases in people and animals. We foster a diverse and inclusive global workforce and operate responsibly every day to enable a safe, sustainable and healthy future for all people and communities.

Our History

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The heart of our mission

We believe corporate responsibility is about our health, social, environmental and economic impact on people and communities in Ireland and around the world.

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Culture & Values

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Our research
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Culture & values

Our values are driven by a desire to improve life

We’ve built a culture that embraces scientific excellence, operates with the highest standards of integrity, expands access to our products and employs a diverse workforce that values collaboration.

Our areas of focus

Through innovation and scientific excellence, we deliver vaccines and medicines that may help millions of people around the world.

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Our mission is to deliver innovations that extend and improve the lives of people with cancer.

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Vaccines are one of the greatest public health success stories – and we’ve been discovering, developing and delivering vaccines to help prevent disease for over 100 years.

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Infectious diseases

We play an important role in discovering and developing innovative medicines and vaccines to treat and prevent infectious diseases, including HIV and Ebola.

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Cardio-metabolic disorders

We are determined to find solutions for the most serious chronic health challenges, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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Discovery & development

We are pushing the boundaries in research where we can make the greatest difference, now and in the future.

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As a company dedicated to saving and improving lives, we have a special responsibility to help in the fight against COVID-19. We’ve been fully committed to developing an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic since it was first recognised.

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Learn about the different areas that make up our company.

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